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Reader, Interrupted

Each DJOT bookmark is a simple and slim planner that slips between the pages of a book. If you always have a book on the go, you know exactly why it's the most sensible place to keep your to-do's. To-do being understood to mean "things that take me away from this book."

Minimum Viable Planner

We admit it: when it comes to planning, we don't like to work too hard. DJOT lets you keep track of plans with barely-perceptible effort. Just JOT a DOT beside the right DATE, beneath the most sort-of relevant heading. Scrawl in a note if you think it's needed.

DJOT: Is It Right for You?


I don't like using my smartphone as a planner. I just don't. Please, let's not have this conversation.


The one thing you'll always find me with: a good book. Unless I'm with a bad book, on the way to the library for a better one.


I just need to remember the normal number of normal things - a dinner plan, when the concert is, the date of the wedding.


Daytimers and Filofaxes - love em in theory, but that's one more thing to carry, and I'm already carrying a thing - my book!

The DJOT System


We wanted a planner on a bookmark. So we devised DOTOS, the dot-based to-do system, perfect for a vertical planner. Sometimes a dot is literally all you'll need to jog your memory about a task; other times you'll want to scribble the minimum amount of information required beside your djot.

The full 2017 planner includes 12 DOTOS on 6 bookmarks - one month per side.


Tines are parallel Timelines. Sketch in a line showing how many weeks your trip, vacation, or other activity takes up. Then you can make sure all your plans dovetail nicely. Included: one bookmark with Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec, and one bookmark with a full year of TINES.


A complete 2017 calendar is included on the flipside of the Full Year TINE. Taken together, the full Bookmark Planner set gives you plenty of flexibility. Slip the Calendar/Tine bookmark into that copy of Infinite Jest that you'll be stuck with for 10 months. Use the two-month DOTOS for your front line reading material. Delegate the TINES as required.

Very nice bookmarks, we should add

The 8 bookmarks in the planner were offset-printed on 110 lb Domtar Cougar (FSC and Rainbow Alliance certified) at Coach House Printing in Toronto. The planner is packaged in a resealable Crystal Clear Archival Safe sleeve. Each bookmark is 2.25" x 8". Instructions included.

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